Curriculum Overview

We follow a history cycle community wide and choose our material for the classes based on that time period of focus.

  • Great Books– This literature class is taught from selected Great Books lists specific to each grade level. Upper grammar school will have reading assigned outside of class. Exploration of literature through literary devices, elements of a story, poetry reading & writing, socratic discussion, and a poetry cafe’ learning celebration, among other activities. All meant to deepen the student’s experience and understanding of the material discussed.  Lower Elementary will pursue a jr. Great Books class for the coming year with a focus on learning simplified elements of a story, literary devices and poetry.
  • History – using the Mystery of History as our spine, students will explore the main events of history relative to the current history cycle through discussion, hands on projects, and  in class celebrations.
  • Latin – will be taught using Song School Latin for upper elementary I, which is geared towards children starting their Latin studies and meant to be a fun introduction to Latin.  Latin Alive will be used for logic school.  Upper Elementary II & III will learn Latin for Children Primer A and Logic School will be doing Latin Alive.
  • Science Experimentation – A hands on class, seeking to expose students to the wonder of science through vocabulary, and experimentation using the scientific method in practice. Our source text will be Berean Builders for students in upper grammar classes and students will participate in science experimentation and demonstration weekly.  Logic school will be utilizing Rainbow’s General Sciences book.
  • Nature Study – This lower and upper grammar class, will range from outdoor exploration seeking to impart awe and wonder at God’s world in which we live to outdoor exploration through discovery, identification, classification, nature journaling and in class research. Nature study will be a semester long study for logic school students.  Our facility has a beautiful nature trail with creeks and a pond that serve as a the backdrop for most of our nature walks.
  • Math – Model Drawing/Recitation – Focused on strengthening the students’ ability to do solve word problems through Singapore’s Model Drawing method.  Students will also work on chorale recitation of math facts appropriate to their grade level.  Logic school will use Principles of Mathematics by Katherine Loop.  This will be able to be used a math curriculum if parents would like, or it can be used as a review of mathematic principles for those pursuing their own curriculums at home in math.  Logic school will be using The Principles of Mathematics by Katherine Loop.
  • Logic– This logic school class will focus on introducing logic and logical fallacies with class discussion using The Art of Argument curriculum.
  • Fine Arts – A Schole’ approach to fine art through art appreciation, exploration of fine artists, and learning to master the fundamentals of art through art projects.  All levels of classes will be offered.
  • Music Theory/Instrument – This class for lower and upper school students will be one semester long and incorporate music theory through the use of a portable glockenspiel.  Logic school will explore chorale singing and continued music theory for a semester.  Each class will also explore composer studies relative to our year’s history cycle and music appreciation exercises.
  • English Grammar/Writing & Rhetoric – Students will use The Well Ordered Language curriculum along with the Writing & Rhetoric curriculum, both by Classical Academic Press.  Students will learn grammar in a systematic and hands on way with diagramming included.  Students will also learn the elements of good writing through the use of progymnasmata. Weekly assignments will be required outside of class time.
  • Theater – This class will use theater games and skits to help students learn the elements and skills of theater.  Grammar school will have one semester of theater.  Logic school will have theater all year long with an end of the year production.